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Driving Directions:

Please note: A low underpass in the town of Dollnstein with a maximal clearance height of 3.7 meters prevents taller vehicles from accessing the commercial zone via the Altmühl Valley, so trucks taller than 3.7 meters must travel the route that passes through Nassenfels, Wellheim and Konstein!

Oberflächentechnik Berghold GmbH
Commercial Zone
Rieder Tal 5, D-91795 Dollnstein

Telephone: +49 (0) 84 22 - 98 692-0
Telefax: +49 (0) 84 22 - 98 692 – 29

A map showing how to drive to our factory in Dollnstein is available for you to download here, either as a simple graphic or in better resolution as a PDF file.


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Our factory in Dollnstein

Oberflächentechnik Berghold GmbH, Rieder Tal 5, D-91795 Dollnstein, Tel.: 08422/98692-0, Fax: 08422/98692-29,